Eye liner tattoo styles

There is no doubt that Eyeliner Tattoo Melbourne is an excellent substitute for ordinary makeup. The proper technique can correct the shape and accentuate the colour of the eyes, forget about the shortcomings and emphasize the advantages. The cost of these cosmetic procedures tattoos is not inferior to the amount you can spend buying shadows and other cosmetics for six months. Still, the result will justify and even exceed your expectations!

Eyeliner Melbourne

Advantages of eye tattooing over conventional makeup

Undoubtedly, an hour spent in the salon is an equivalent payment for a charming appearance and the opportunity to feel irresistible without daily makeup for several years.


More time each day for yourself rather than makeup;

less expenditure on cosmetics;

chic, flawless appearance;

no allergic reactions;

long-lasting result.

Experienced permanent makeup artists in our studio will choose the appropriate eyeliner tattooing and make your look irresistible.


Permanent eyelid makeup is relevant for those who want to correct the following:

  • too light-coloured eyelashes,
  • lack of lushness of the eyelashes,
  • the location of the landing of the eyes,
  • asymmetry, and other imperfections.

When tattooed eyeliner through the smallest punctures in the upper layers of the skin is introduced, colouring pigment; if you have a favourite style of makeup that you are ready to wear for more than one year, lid eyeliner tattoo Melbourne will be to your liking.

Firstly, it will allow you to be irresistible every day; for mature women, it will bring back the former freshness. Secondly, the eyeliner procedure will help to hide asymmetry and minor defects that occur with age (eyelids can change, and the corners of the eyes are slightly directed downwards). Most importantly, you won't have to spend time applying makeup every day!

Style of eyeliner tattooing

Modern ladies prefer various types of eye tattooing to save themselves from the daily application of makeup with cosmetic pencils and eyeliners. The permanent makeup technique is carried out under local anaesthesia, which is practically painless. The result is beautiful, expressive eyes that do not need to be "painted" every day. Another advantage is that you do not need to wash off the makeup every evening.

Perfect eyeliners are chosen by more and more women every day. But there are several techniques of its application, so how can you choose the best one for each? It is necessary to consider them all.


Arrows, imitating makeup with Classic liner, can be applied to the upper or lower eyelid. In this case, lines can be thin, wide, or elongated. It all depends on individual characteristics, such as what arrows are more suitable for a particular face type. Most often, master artists recommend a Classic eyeliner tattoo- hands on the eyes to apply in the form of a thin, graceful line so that they do not look vulgar in the daytime. Arrows on the upper eyelid can be thicker, and similar experiments with the lower eyelid will give an undesirable result - the look will become heavy.

Winged eyeliner

This type of tattoo creates a light haze on the upper eyelid. This technique is most popular with those who make smoky eyes. The arrows are growing out - the traditional makeup of world-class models. They look alluring. So that such indicators do not look overly aggressive, choosing light tones of colouring pigment is necessary. Not everyone goes black colour. The peculiarity of this type of tattooing is that it reduces large eyes and is "oriental," making it more rounded and expressive.

This type of eyelid tattoo suits women up to 30 years old. In other cases, it can emphasize fine lines in the corners of the eyes, which will visually add a few years to the girl; in addition, weakening over the years, eyelid muscles can distort the contour of the arrow.

Depending on what effect you want to achieve, you should choose the type of blending. A denser blend is suitable for deep-set eyes. Low-set eyebrows and slightly overhanging eyelids require a skinny line. A blurred blend line can be used to enlarge the eyes slightly. Convex eyes, on the other hand, need a thicker blend line.

Coloured (decorative)

Arrows can be black, grey, brown, blue, or green- the most popular options. Coloured can be both the line itself and the growing line. Sometimes, girls choose pink pigment or grey-blue, but such makeup will look beautiful only for the first few months, and later, it can look like bruises on the eyes. Therefore, when choosing such shades, you should think twice.

Lash line enhancements

The type of arrow tattooing can also affect the intercostal space. In this case, the look seems as natural as possible, and eyelashes - thick, especially if they are naturally light in colour. In this case, a woman can complement this tattoo makeup at will. You can use eyeliner and apply shadows. But without it, the look will be expressive, although the eyelashes will not look painted. With this technique, the master does not go beyond the boundaries of the growth line of eyelashes. This tattooing type is often combined with other varieties of arrows, particularly coloured hands.

Smokey Eyeliner

Types of arrow tattooing are not always limited to drawing a line. It is possible to apply pigment on the eyelid while creating a smoky look with a "veil" or a saturated application of shadows. To complement the expressiveness of the face with permanent makeup, the tones must correspond to each other. This type of eyelid tattooing can prolong the youthfulness of eyelid skin because it is not traumatized daily by decorative cosmetics or brushes. Skin pores remain clean.

Women often choose pastel shades, grey and brown tones when applying such tattooing. This is the best kind of makeup for girls and overhanging types of eyelids. It allows you to correct this defect as much as possible.

Recommendations for choosing the type of tattoo

With the help of tattooing, you can make the look more expressive and hide some flaws. With deep-set eyes, arrows are recommended, slightly widened at the end, without growing. Permanent makeup of this type should be complemented with light shadows; then, the look will be more open.

A broad widening in combination with shadows of dark shades will suit bulging eyes. It gives them depth. If, on the contrary, the eyes are tiny, tattooing - arrows slightly recede from the inner corner of the eye. Most often, not black but coloured dyes are used.

With the help of tattooing, you can make round eyes almond-shaped. This can be seen by looking at photos of types of arrow tattooing. To achieve this effect, you need to choose arrows that go beyond the boundaries of the eye. At the same time, their edge should be spread.

Eyeliner Tattoo Melbourne

If the eyes are wide-set, it is recommended to choose arrows painted intensely at the inner corner of the eye and much weaker at the outer corner. The opposite effect for narrow eyes can be achieved by colouring the arrow more intensely at the outer corner of the eye and softer at the inner corner.

Narrow eyes can be made visually wider by colouring the arrows more intensely in the middle and weaker at the edges.

If the outer corner of the eye is down, it can be raised by an arrow on the upper eyelid. It should gradually expand from the centre to the outer edge. It is also essential to consider that it should be in harmony with the shape of the eyebrows. Only then will tattoo eyelids look beautiful.

To make the right choice, you must consider the features of the structure of the eyes; in this case, the effect will exceed all expectations. Do not forget about precautions and the proper care of the eyelids. In this case, all eyelid tattoo arrows will retain intense colour for a long time.